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standards-logoEver since its founding in 2008, STANDARDS Consultants has become one of the leading organizations in Human Resources and Business Management Consultancy and in Training and Development fields in the MENA region with its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and offices in Kuwait city.

We at STANDARDS Consultants, believe that work must be done today to achieve a better tomorrow. We look ahead, understand the local and global markets, and study all trends and forces that shape the business world. That’s what our Vision is all about; a long-term destination where we can exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Esteemed Clients


is to provide human resource consultancy for merging organizations, family business shifting into corporate, small to medium rising into large entrepreneurship. Moreover, provide public and corporate training workshops for individuals who want to excel in their careers.


Our vision serves as the framework for our mission and describes what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.

standards-logoWe customize our services, products and training to several industries; the core of our business emphasizes the development of skills and practical knowledge for all kind of levels and grades in a company. We cater a very large base of selective clientele in Lebanon and abroad across the Mena region.

STANDARDS provide innovative management and human resource solutions necessary for employers to fully meet core business goals. Our services measure success in the critical areas of Leadership, communication, productivity, internal and external customer satisfaction, and compliance. Whatever the industry is, STANDARDS will work with you to develop tailored processes that involve employees at all levels and bring focus to how an employee’s daily work directly links to your overall success.

Clients Testimonials

I would like to thank you for a fun, exciting, meaningful and most importantly enriching learning experience that you and your team had prepared.

Patricia Rizkallah, HR Manager – Hands On Management

The interaction and pleasant atmosphere were excellent. We learned from each other from the content and STANDARDS Trainer’s experience. I look forward for the coming workshop.

Chaker Saab, Chairman of the board at Tinol Paints Int'l Co.

It is nice to have such an engaging training that opens you up to different perspectives and new ways to view things.

L. Hazarian, GM - IDOL S.A.L

I hope STANDARDS Consultants will continue the long path with SIM to reach the vision of the company. As you said everyone needs to be stimulated, this training was a big stimulation for me.

Amel Benidir, Recruitment Specialist- Shabakkat – Kuwait

Entertaining and though provoking. The presentation introduced a theme which is an excellent tool to understand, predict and manage behavior.

LAU Alumni

learnt a lot through this training and developed a lot of my existent knowledge. Having educational knowledge is not enough, your training course got me excited by being able to see the practicality of such knowledge.

Samantha Hogg, Communication Specialist at SIM Chairman of the board at Tinol Paints Int'l Co.

Please accept on behalf of the Alumni Relations Office and all those who attended, our deepest gratitude for dedicating time to put together this wonderful lecture and we look forward to more of your expertise in future events.

Abdallah El-Khal, Director of the Alumni Relations – LAU

On behalf of BellaFlex I would like to thank you for the valuable information. We are second generation and we needed some direction. I am impressed by the training conducted and I would like to join in other workshops.

Hania Chidiac, Accountant