Cross-Cultural Communicaton Skills

Training Duration: 2 Days / 12 Hours

Introduction to the Training:

It should come as no surprise that the face of business has evolved significantly in recent years thanks to the demographic changes, advances in technology, better transportation and shifts in the political policies throughout the world. As a result of those changes, it is not unusual to find businesses with a multitude of teams made up of members from different cultures. This two-day training workshop addresses not only the cultural awareness, but also offers tactics for surfacing conflict and improving communication. The program explores the benefits and challenges that come about from having a multicultural workforce, the communication issues that often arise in diverse groups and methods for handling conflict.


  • Experiential learning / PPT
  • Group work and discussions
  • Tips and technics
  • Individual reflection and active listening
  • Case studies
  • Action Plan and Coaching Follow-up

Training Outlines:

  • Profiting from cultural differences
  • Understanding Cultures
  • A better means of communication
  • Reading Nonverbal cues
  • Emailing across cultures
  • Agreeing and Disagree
  • What we can do better

Training Objectives:

  • Explain the business advantages of having multicultural workforce
  • Identify and explain the four basic behavioral styles and benefits and challenges of each
  • Explain how time is viewed differently throughout the world and how to communicate expectations to those with a different outlook
  • Describe a model of feedback, communication and listening
  • Explain the importance of body language in the listening process
  • Develop an action plan to improve listening skills

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