Creating Work-Life

Introduction to the Training:

Creating a balance between work, life, fun and flexibility can be challenging where all demand your attention and energy. By balancing a career and life, you become healthier, mentally and physically, with an enhanced lifestyle. With a work-life balance, you will be able to manage your time better, which will impact various aspects of your life positively. This workshop will provide you training in focusing on relevant life and work matters, set practical goals, and communicate and manage better.

Training Outlines:

· Getting Started
· Benefits of a healthy balance
· Signs of an imbalance
· Employer Resources
· Tips in time management
· Goal Setting
· Creating CONTRAST instead of Balance
· Flexibility work options
· At work
· At home
· Stress Management
· Working in a home office
· Wrapping up

Training Objectives:

· Understand the benefits of a work-life balance
· Recognize the signs of an unbalanced life
· Learn about employer resources for a balanced lifestyle
· Telecommunicate effectively
· Master time management and goal setting
· Leave work stress at work, and home stress at home
· Work at a home office productively
· Manage time
· Find the most effective work methods for you
· Improve life at home by spending time alone
· Draw a boundary between work and home
· Create a balance at work and at home
· Learn to manage stress

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