Transformational Leadership

Training Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

Companies and industries are experiencing radical change in how they operate and serve their customers. Many of them are undergoing transformational change, adopting new business models quite different from how they originally started. This is happening within a relatively short period of time, for if they don’t evolve, they face obsolescence and a quick market exit. This course prepares leaders and senior management to successfully deal with new business realities introduced by rapid, and in many cases turbulent, market shifts. It also avails to them the opportunity to explore new alternatives to their existing business models and equip them with leading strategic and planning tools to prepare their organizations for the next transformational journey.

Training Outlines:

  • Understanding transformational change
  • Transformational change Vs. Change Management
  • Establishing the foundation for transformational change
  • Characteristics and capabilities of transformational leaders
  • The emotional competence framework
  • The transformational change model
  • Creating climate for transformational change
  • Communicating transformational change
  • The communication playbook
  • Formulating and executing transformational strategic plans
  • Mapping improvements to the building blocks
  • Delivering results and measuring success
  • Personal Action Plan

Training Objectives:

  • Build awareness and understanding about the significance of transformational change
  • Select a team of key managers and opinion formers who will drive the desired change
  • Generate acceptance across the organization towards the overall process of transformation
  • Maintain strong and open channels of communication around the transformational journey
  • Formulate and execute a strategic plan toward implementing transformational change

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