Leading with Agility and Resilience

Training Duration: 2 Days / 12 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

More than ever before, organizations need to reinvent themselves to meet the demands of evolving business environments and to capitalize on unprecedented market trends. This course is designed to provide participants with an insight into challenges organizations are facing today, and into how to embrace agility and resilience as key strategic competencies in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Training Outlines:

  • Understanding Agility and Resilience
  • The concept of resilience engineering
  • Agility and Resilience: A leadership pre-requisite
  • Assessment analysis and action plan
  • Preparing for an agile and resilient workplace
  • The culture connection
  • Rethinking and Redesigning the business
  • Essential strategies for developing agile and resilient organizations
  • Establishing the leadership team
  • Aligning people, processes and technology
  • From strategy to implementation
  • Indications of successful agility and resiliency mastery

Training Objectives:

  • Recognize the importance of leading agile and resilient organizations during turbulent times
  • Assess leadership capabilities for agility and resilience
  • Lead and develop proactive mechanisms to withstand environmental disruptions
  • Create compelling strategies to lead and drive agility and resilience
  • Execute strategies to build and enhance agile and resilient organizations

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