Leading and Managing Change

Training Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and tools needed to carry out different changes faced/initiated by the organization. The environment both internal and external is explained in terms of its affect over any change. This 3-day course will develop an understanding of the change planning and processes used to ensure smooth implementation throughout the duration of the project.

Training Outlines:

  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Change Resilience
  • Change Roadmap
  • Six System Factors
  • Six System Factors (Vision, Accountability,
  • Stakeholder Involvement, Skills
  • Development, Metrics & Policies &
  • Processes, Reinforcing Behavior)
  • Initiate the change
  • Assess the change
  • Create the Need for Change
  • Identify the Change Team
  • Plan the change
  • Create a Vision for Change
  • Analyze Stakeholder’s Behavior
  • Decide on a Change Strategy
  • Create a Change Plan
  • Execute the plan
  • Produce Quick Wins
  • Sustain the Momentum
  • Make change stick
  • ABC BOC (Antecedents Behavior)
  • Consequences / Balance of Consequences)

Training Objectives:

  • Assess one’s own resilience to change
  • Utilize a foundation of learning on the principles of change
  • Understand the systems thinking that drives behavior
  • Define the roadmap to change
  • Demonstrate the tools of change
  • Utilize the tools in a case study
  • Initiate change by creating a sense of urgency
  • Plan change by managing stakeholders

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