Executive Leadership Programme

Training Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

Teams, if used effectively, can add to the overall productivity of an organization. Dynamic teams are highly motivated and create a positive work environment for their peers. This workshop will address the main aspects and procedures to follow in creating a successful team, tools to increase team performance and elements of a successful team.

Training Outlines:

  • The Power of Effective Teamwork
    • The Benefits of Teamwork
    • What is a “Team”?
    • A Good Starting Point
    • High-Performance Teamwork
    • Understanding Your Team
  •  Five Keys to Team Success
    • Crystallize Your Thinking
    • Develop a Plan of Action for Your Goals
    • Develop Sincere Desire
    • Develop Supreme Confidence
    • Develop Dogged Determination
    • Team Plan of Action
    • Personal Development Plan
    • Problem Solver
  • High-Performance Teamwork
    • The Cornerstone of Teamwork
    • Trust Creates Respect, Synergy, and Success
    • Assuming Responsibility
    • Being Accountable
    • Communicating for Results
    • Celebrating Your Success Levels of Trust
    • Communication Strengths
    • Opportunities for Growth

Training Objectives:

  • Develop High-Performance Teams
  • Work Together to Achieve Team Goals
  • Assume Responsibility and Accountability
  • Handle Challenges through Team Communication
  • Create Mutual Trust, Support, and Collaboration

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