HR Business Partner Program

Training Duration: 5 Days / 30 Hrs

Introduction to the Program:

Hands-on human resource management training programs bring insight to the rising importance of HR management as a strategic business partner and the vital role it plays in contributing to business success.
HR the Business Partner will explore innovative strategies to attract and retain new talent while making them highly efficient in the organization.

Participants will learn to recognize best HR practices and implement them to positively affect bottom line results. In addition, creating compensation and benefit systems, detecting training needs and managing T&D will be covered.

Motivation, interviewing, job evaluation, performance review, staffing methods, policies and procedures, and constructive feedback are essential elements of the HR program.

Legal and ethical issues must also be identified and studied in order to ensure organizational efficiency.

Training Outlines:

  • Behavioral Interview: Holding interviews focusing on personal traits, behavioral styles and past performance and attitude.
  • Managing Training Needs: Conducting a training needs analysis resulting from the performance appraisal, and training requirements of your employees.
  • Staffing Organizations: Selection, Personnel Capacity and productivity design.
  • Training and Development: How to manage trainings within the company
  • Motivation and Performance Feedback
  • Compensation & Benefits: Salary Bands, Salary Scales and Bonus systems.
  • Counseling and Disciplinary Procedures

Training Objectives:

  • Understand HR management’s new role as a strategic business partner—and its vital contribution to your organization’s success
  • Discover strategies to attract and retain top talent
  • Examine best practices for managing HR, including improving performance and creating compensation, training and benefit systems that drive bottom-line results
  • Identify and deal with potentially explosive issues with an eye to both legal requirements and the needs of your business
  • Analyze human resources management issues and develop action plans you can implement immediately in your organization

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