Compensation and Benefits

Training Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hrs

Introduction to the Program:

Employees can be motivated not only through financial rewards (base pay) but through incentives and benefits as well. This workshop discusses the importance of compensation and benefits in a business setting. Participants will learn how to create systems that attract talented candidates, retain quality employees and encourage superior performance.

Training Outlines:

  • Attract High Quality Employees
  • Retain High Quality Employees
  • Stimulate High Performance
  • Components of the C&B System
  • Base Pay (wages)
  • Incentives & Benefits
  • The Basic Tools of the C&B System
  • Wage Surveys
  • Job Analysis/Evaluation
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Why Do Wages Differ?
  • Differences by Industry and Occupation
  • Differences Based on Individual Performance and Seniority

Training Objectives:

  • Know the Internal & External Factors Influencing the C&B Decisions
  • Learn all about Individual Pay Determination
  • Know the Types of Incentives
  • Ensure Organizational Survival and Growth
  • Use C&B in Restructuring Cases

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