Advanced Man Power Planning

Training Duration: 3 Days / 18 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

Throughout this program, we will delve into the fundamentals of how organizations operate, including their internal processes and the various constraints they face. We will explore effective techniques for managing change within these complex systems. You will learn about forecasting ongoing requirements, understanding and minimizing wastage, and the critical aspects of developing efficient manpower plans. Additionally, the course will cover the essentials of succession planning, the evaluation of contracting out services, and understanding the various sources of human resource supply.

Training Outlines:

  • Introduction to Manpower Planning and Organization
  • Definition of Manpower Planning and organization
  • Reasons for Manpower Planning
  • Forecasting the organizational structure
  • Estimating Manpower requirements
  • Key elements of the Manpower Plan
  • Manpower Planning into Action
  • Delivering Manpower supply
  • How to improve development skills and capabilities of new employees and upgrade existing employees
  • Organization and Manpower Planning
  • Developing Successors in your organization
  • Leadership Positions
  • Assess individuals’ readiness to assume possible job openings and compare competency levels
  • How to ensure Leadership Continuity
  • Prepare individuals for increased leadership and managerial responsibilities
  • Communicate key competencies needed for leadership positions presently and in the future

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of how organizations work, internal processes and constraints, and how to manage change.
  • Utilize techniques for forecasting ongoing requirements, and understand how wastage occurs.
  • Develop manpower plans, including assessing the costs and benefits of “contracting out”.
  • Develop succession plans and associated systems and identify the main sources of Human Resources supply.

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