Sales Negotiation Skills

Training Duration: 2 Days / 12 Hrs

Introduction to the Training:

Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is the process of trying to get what you want from another person. Too often, business negotiations are limited to a battle over price. While price is of course important, this single-mindedness limits the total value that the parties could benefit from in a partnership. In this negotiation training course, participants will gain insight into the habits of good negotiators as they build your own skills. Through a series of group exercises, participants will be able to learn and practice proven negotiation tactics, refine personal negotiating style, and improve the ability to negotiate successfully and effectively in any situation.

Training Outlines:

  • Introduction to basic negotiation skills
  • Persuasion VS. Negotiation
  • Negotiation and Personality styles
  • Analyzing personality styles using DISC Model
  • Essentials of Negotiation
  • BATNA- Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement
  • Negotiation planning, preparing and power
  • Assessing the source of negotiation power
  • Altering the balance of power
  • Negotiation strategies, tactics and trust building
  • Ranking to 10 trust-building behaviors in negotiation

Training Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast between the integrative and the distributive types of negotiations
  • Evaluate and assess the soft, hard and principled styles in negotiation
  • Identify and assess personality styles in negotiation
  • Distinguish between the four phases of negotiation
  • Examine and apply the different negotiating tactics
  • Discover the best approach to resolving conflict and building trust
  • Plan and conduct effective negotiations as part of a negotiating team

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