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Compensation and Benefits Analysis and Recommendations

Conducting the compensation and benefits analysis is one of our HR consultancy services. This analysis is a three step process through which we investigate the internal processes, conduct an external market study and job based analysis that facilitates recommending any change that shall take place in the current compensation and benefit scheme of the company.

Job Evaluation and Grading System

In order to guarantee a fair grading system, and decide on benefit provisions, we provide our clients with a whole system that facilitates job evaluation and a system that ensures a structured and clear grading system that functions as a reference to the company at all the stages of development of the business itself.

Job Analysis to detail Job Description & Organizational Charts

We develop a job analysis system that details all the tasks required from each and every employee and make sure that he/she knows what his/her role is, in order to develop a clear and direct job description. This job description serves as a reference to keep track of the work done and to point out any pitfall, negligence or misuse in the completion of the tasks required.

Performance Appraisal Systems

Through developing the job analysis and maintaining a job description, it becomes easier for our clients to set the standards for the performance appraisal process. We develop a performance appraisal system that ensures smooth connection among employees and a fair evaluation of each and every employee at every stage of his/her performance. This process ensures that every person receives what he/she deserves for the job he/she accomplished throughout a period of one year.

Personnel Development and Training Plans

We investigate the needs of our clients and their employees, we foresee the areas where training is required and we set our training plans based on such investigation. We set forth the trainings required to develop personnel and ensure they adapt to the changing work environment, setting the base for achievement based on change, technology and new strategies in all areas.

Talent Management Systems

We provide strategic assistance to organizations in the accomplishment of long-term enterprise goals with respect to talent or human capital. Our system addresses the five essential pillars of talent management: recruitment; performance management; learning and development; career development and compensation management. By implementing Talent Management System, organizations will be able to attract, acquire, develop, promote, and retain quality talent.

The above mentioned Services are gladly offered in Lebanon and all the MENA Region countries.