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Advanced Search Engine Marketing Course 2nd edition

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course

20 hours with Mariana Saiid & Marwan Hasbini

Objectives of the course:

In 20 hours Mariana and Marwan will be explaining and giving the tools of effective marketing through the search engines so you can start advertising.
You will gain the following:
– SEO Vs Search Engine Marketing
– Objectives of SEM and SEO advertising
– SEO optimization techniques
– How to write SEO friendly content
– Search engines classifications
– Paid advertising types
– Targeting & Retargeting
– Marketing & Remarketing
– Landing pages
– Google ADWORDS
– Creating and boosting a campaign

Meet the trainers:

  • Mariana is the founder of Focus Far, a Verified Master Trainer specialized in the
    marketing and advertising industry with more than 6 years of
    experience. She is a seasoned expert in the digital world, passionate about taking the online businesses into a complete new level. Also, Mariana is the consultant of prominent corporates in the Mena Region.


  • Marwan Al – Hasbini is an experienced social media and marketing instructor on search engines. Marwan has worked in many sectors including radio, television, NGOs and private companies. With at least 6 years of experience, Marwan will move your online marketing expertise to an advanced stage


For more information:

  • Contact us on: +961 1 791 841 | +961 81 774 208 | cx@standards-hrc.com

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Jul 06 - 27 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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