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Lead the deal – NLP for sales 1st Exclusive Edition

Every day, in every interaction, humans are in a state of trading, whether it is ideas, emotions, products, or maybe something as simple as where they should go and have dinner. In all of these trades, there is someone offering something, and there is a receiver of that offer.

This 1st exclusive edition of the Lead the Deal- NLP for Sales program is based on the methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, that was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s.

It is a methodology that helps people communicate better, and understand different models of the world. By understanding different models of the world, humans can convince, influence, and solve problems in more efficient and simple ways.

Agenda :

Program Benefits:

This workshop has been designed to help therapists, coaches and change workers help their clients with the following:

  • Improve your Sales skills and capabilities.
  • Understand how to leverage your products and services.
  • Communicate better with your customers.
  • Present and sell your services in more efficient ways.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with your clients.

Meet the Trainer:

NLP Trainer


Roni Matar

This program is conducted by Roni F. Matar Co-founder and Coaching Manager at Neo-preneur. Mr. Matar has been working in the field of personal change since 2013. Neurolinguistics, Coaching, Training, and Consulting. Some of the things Mr. Matar worked with are fears, phobias, and anxieties on a personal level, while on a group level he trains Sales, Communication, Public Speaking, Coaching, and Influence.

Schedule & Pricing:

  • Cairo: Mariot Omar Al Khiyam Hotel
    • From Wednesday 16-September-2021 till Saturday 20-September-2021.
    • From 10:00 am till 04:00 Pm
  • Registration fees:
    • 1200$ per Individual, with dual certifications from Roni Matar, and Standards-HRC upon program completion.

Who should attend this course?

  • Sales leaders and sales professionals who want to improve their skills and capabilities
  • Entrepreneurs who want to understand how to leverage their products and services
  • Online sales professionals who want to communicate better with their customers
  • Retail sales professionals who deal directly with clients
  • Coaches and Therapists who want to sell their services in more efficient ways

What is Lead the Deal – NLP for Sales based on? 

How many times in your life have you been in a position like that, and you were not able to get that message through, or even sometimes ended up in a disconnect with the other person? For some people, this is what they have to go through daily because it is part of their job description. Selling is a profession that has been around for thousands of years since humans are in a constant state of trading.

I remember one time at a conference by Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Mapping, where he mentioned that even babies do that when they have something in their hand, they drop it on the floor to see who picks it up, they reach out to others to take it from them, or even they react and interact with the people around them to give them something that they are holding.

To make this process more effective, and simpler, Roni Matar created the LEAD THE DEAL program, to help individuals or groups of people get better results in sales, negotiation, and overcoming objections.

What will you learn? 

We start with the basics of NLP, which is uncovering different ways we collect information through our senses, that create our inner maps and models. We discover our preferred communication representational systems, listen better, and get into something that is called METAPROGRAMS, which are our mental filters that create different aspects of our personality.

You will learn more than 10 different Metaprograms, that will give you very specific personality distinctions. This helps in understanding what makes us similar, and what makes us different from each other.

From there, we get into the process of learning how to earn the trust of someone else very easily through the process of building rapport. That constitutes understanding how to manage our body language, and learn the language of the eyes.

Once we start understanding how our physiology and eye movements work, we start knowing how to communicate with others based on what they are doing. After that, we move to words and the language of influence, based on a model called the Milton Model.

The Milton Model is based on the language patterns of influence that Milton Erickson used to use. Milton was a very influential psychologist in the 1900s, who was able to help people change in ways few others could. These language patterns are now used worldwide by politicians, public speakers, salespersons, and many other individuals that are in the business of influencing others. By learning these patterns, you will be able to influence others in ways you would have never thought possible.

Now, to be able to influence others, you need to understand what they want, need, or what problems they are facing. To be able to do that, you need to learn the art of asking the right questions. There are two kinds of tracks you can follow when asking questions. The first is in uncovering information, to understand the other person’s wants and needs, and the second is to emphasize the effect of not solving the problems they are currently facing.

That is achieved in this module through learning the art of asking the right questions, and knowing in which direction to go. The processes in this module are based on the work of family therapist Virginia Satir and on the work of several sales and NLP experts that make Questioning an art and science.

Moving forward to the next module, we focus on the individual. One of the main skills a sales professional needs to learn is how to set a plan, which includes setting goals, understanding time perceptions, setting timelines and deadlines, and being able to build on that to create continuous results.

This creates a direction forward towards more consistency, efficiency, and most importantly more income for a sales professional. By doing this, the salesperson will know who to target when conducting a sales deal, and how to build on that for future sales opportunities. This also makes selling more strategic, and time-efficient. Which leads to the part of self and state management.

A salesperson who knows who to manage their state and perception of self will be able to enter any sales meeting more confident, focused, and friendly that allows them to be professional and easy to connect with.

Now, for many sales professionals, there is a fear that seems to be an obstacle that hinders their ability to get the results they want. That fear is called OBJECTIONS! Objections are not always what they seem because they might sometimes mean the prospect or client is actually interested in what they have to sell, but there are some things that the professional needs to deal with.

In this segment, we will use an NLP model created by Robert Dilts that is called “Sleight of Mouth”. This model allows you to use 16 different ways to deal with and overcome objections in ways that you have never thought of before, or maybe you did but never had a model for. This model helps you create a skill set that will pave the way for closing deals which we will deal with more in the final modules.

In the final modules, we will be covering the DEAL process that is based on the SPIN sales technique in addition to the NLP Strategies model. In using this model and the SPIN questioning techniques, you will be able to use everything you have learned in the first three days and apply them in actual sales situations, where the clients feel understood and are offered exactly what they need to benefit from the product or service you are offering.

The SPIN model is a question-based approach that is often misunderstood and misused by salespeople because it is only used as a technique, while in this training it will be taught as a process that will be part of the sales journey, and will be used at the right time.

On the other hand, the NLP strategies model will help you uncover how the client gets motivated to buy, decides what to buy, how long they need to be convinced, and makes them be reassured and free of buyer’s remorse, which is when buyers feel bad after purchasing a product or service.

The whole training will be delivered in an interactive way and includes both theory and practical applications in real-life situations. Each segment will include a Q&A segment that is based on the practice that was done, in addition to stories and examples on where, how, why each part works, and what it will allow you to achieve and do.

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Sep 16 - 20 2021


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



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