Certified Business Trainer Level 2

Introduction to the Program :

Delivering a corporate training program requires a skilled trainer who communicates well, knows how learners “learn”, and has a high level of energy and enthusiasm about the content being taught and the company they work for.

An advanced corporate trainer interactions made with attendees are critical and often helps determine how well an attendee performs later their job and fits into its culture. The Certified Business Trainer Training Program – Level 2  will prepare you to take on the next level of the role of a trainer for a large organization, or for a professional trainer that caters his/her services for companies and the public.


Training Outlines:

  • The Art of Giving a Training
  • How to Sequence learning content
  • Ideal Order of Content presentation
  • Engaging presentation Recipe
  • How to Balance learning with engagement
  • Using Examples – storytelling profession
  • Monitoring Learning  Progress of attendees
  • Increasing Attention Retention 
  • Exploiting Repetition
  • Processing Information
  • Materials Preparation
  • Tools for Learning
  • Boosting Effectiveness
  • Prepared Training Sessions
  • Systematic Feedback
  • Mastering the Art of Delivery
  • Learning Together
  • Controlling the Pace
  • Body Language advanced techniques
  • Verbal Communication 
  • Questioning Strategies 
  • Increasing Participation
  • How to Coach while training


Training Objectives:

  • Master the techniques of effective training delivery.
  • Learn sequencing strategies for optimal content absorption.
  • Determine the most effective order for presenting training material.
  • Develop a formula for creating engaging presentations.
  • Balance informational content with interactive learning techniques.
  • Utilize storytelling and examples to enhance understanding.
  • Track and assess the learning progress of participants.
  • Implement strategies to improve attention and retention during training.
  • Use repetition as a tool for reinforcing key concepts.
  • Facilitate efficient processing of new information by attendees.
  • Prepare training materials that support learning objectives.
  • Select and effectively use various training tools and technologies.
  • Increase the overall effectiveness of training sessions.
  • Design and conduct well-prepared and structured training sessions.
  • Implement systematic feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement.
  • Hone skills in delivering training content compellingly and confidently.
  • Foster collaborative learning environments.
  • Manage the pace of training to match participant needs.
  • Apply advanced body language techniques for enhanced communication.
  • Refine verbal communication skills for clarity and impact.
  • Develop questioning strategies that stimulate engagement and learning.
  • Encourage and increase participant involvement in training sessions.
  • Integrate coaching techniques into the training process.


Program Details

Location : UAE



1st cohort:      May 20 / 21/ 22 / 23 / 24 

2nd cohort:      December 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20



Upon the successful completion of the Certified Business Trainer Training Program – Level 2 you will be certified from Standards as well as the European Management Academy (EMA).

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Certified Business Trainer Level 2
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