The Balance Scorecard

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About Course

The Balanced Scorecard workshop provides participants with background and resources in all areas that are important to lead or participate on a team to build, implement, and sustain a balanced scorecard planning and management system in their organization. The program includes in-depth study of strategic thinking, strategic planning, organization assessment, strategy mapping, performance measures and target setting, strategic initiatives, automation, cascading and strategic management.

What Will You Learn?

  • Explain the benefits and importance of a Strategy Focused Organization (SFO)
  • Develop a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, vision and mission statements and strategic goals for their organization or department
  • Use 'SMART' objectives and key performance indicators to track the performance and productivity at all levels in their organizations
  • Apply the approach of best-in-class benchmarking technique to set targets for each KPI
  • Design a balanced scorecard based on the Kaplan and Norton model

Course Content

Benefits of strategic management and planning

Balanced Scorecard steps and timeline

SWOT Analysis, vision and mission statements

Developing performance measures and control systems

Obstacles to measurement

Developing strategies

Benchmarking as a tool to set targets

The benchmarking process

The balanced scorecard as a strategic management system

Translating the vision into everyday actions

Importance and history of the balanced scorecard

The premise behind the balanced scorecard

Principles of the strategy focused organization

Reporting and evaluating results

Cascading the balanced scorecard

Implementing a balanced scorecard

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