Standards is ready to help its customers with their operational management requirements. Our Business Management Consultants collaborate extensively with the principal(s) and key personnel of each company to become familiar with their individual internal operating systems. We are able to create a unique strategy, come up with creative ideas, suggest improvements, and either help with or assume full responsibility for carrying out each task thanks to this procedure. Five different business areas are covered by Standards’ consulting services: management, public sectors, human resources, sales and marketing, and six sigma.

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, we assist you in overcoming hurdles and challenges that may arise in any area. We can guarantee that nothing stands in the way of your success and progress by providing objective expert guidance.

  • Organizational design and operating model
  • Talent Management and leadership supply
  • Measures and Incentives
  • High Performance Cultures
  • Change Management
  • Leadership behaviors and alignment
  • Management Process Redesign
  • Business Process Redesign

Our HR services make use of analytics and market knowledge to assist in the design and execution of business-driven HR initiatives as well as creative talent, leadership, and transformation programs.

  • HR Audit
  • Job Analysis, Job Description and Organizational Structure
  • Job Evaluation and Grading Systems
  • Compensation Analysis and Plan Design
  • Competency based human resources
  • Performance Management
  • Success Planning
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Personal Development and Training Plans
  • Talent Management Systems

We can help you create and implement sales and marketing strategies to outpace the market and satisfy client demands.

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Strategic planning, The Sales Management Process
  • Sales Force and Sales Organizational Structure
  • Forecasting Market demand and Sales Budget
  • Design and Size of territories
  • Sales objectives and quotas
  • Sales Human Resources Management

Alter your company’s course and get assistance managing it to boost your competitive advantages, adaptability, staff engagement, and employee happiness.

  • Technology and Data Strategy
  • Technology Delivery Assurance
  • Technology Operating Model
  • Technology Merger Integration
  • Systems and Architecture
  • Technology Cost Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data and Analytics Transformation

Through customer experience management, our team of experts in the field helps organizations succeed. We give your team the tools they need to create a customer-centric ecosystem across your whole business.

  • Customer Experience Measurement System
  • Demand Centric Growth
  • Human Centered Design
  • Smart Simplicity
  • Customer Experience Maturity Assessment
  • E-Commerce channel diagnostics

We can guide you through each phase of the M&A lifecycle so that you can diversify your product offering and increase your profits.

  • Divestitures
  • Post-Merger Integration

We collaborate with you to create a thorough strategy that will win over hearts and minds and map out a precise plan for execution.

  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy and Finance
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